Associate - Individual


In 2005, I started in the dairy industry as program director of the Australian Cheese Technology Program (ACTP).  The ACTP became part of Dairy Innovation Australia (DIAL) in 2007.  At DIAL I have led a number of initiatives and technology platforms helping dairy processors with product innovation and process improvements such as the Dairy Health and Nutrition Consortium and the Milk Quality portfolio.  Most important for the artisan cheese community in Australia was the establishment of the DIAL Small Dairy Network.  With the new links established under the network, we were able to assist ASCA and Australian artisan cheese makers with the regional cultures project and the design of European style maturation facilities. 

Today, I work as a consultant to the food and biotech industries and help small companies to provide assistance with grant and start-up funding.

What is your favourite Australian cheese?

At the moment I am into trying all the different washed rind cheeses.  Ask me tomorrow for my next favourite.

What opportunities do you see for the future of the Australian specialty/artisan cheese industry?

I think the Australian artisan cheese industry is great with its diversity – really amalgamating so many different styles that originated in Europe and turning them into uniquely Australian products.  I think there is huge potential to continue on this road of product innovation and work toward regional distinctions of Australian specialty cheese.

What does being part of ASCA mean to you? 

I am really looking forward to working with so many passionate people who care about high quality cheeses and foods, and would like to help artisan cheese makers to reach their potential by helping with my project management skills and facilitating assistance from grants and other industry connections I have.