Book Now for October 2019 Workshop with Ivan Larcher

Book Now for October 2019 Workshop with Ivan Larcher

ASCA Professional Artisan Cheesemaking Workshop with Ivan Larcher

Professional artisan cheese and butter making tools & techniques in action

Melbourne, Wednesday 23 to Friday 25 October 2019

Day 1, Wed 23 October: Improve cheese quality and consistency with sensory mapping of cheeses and adjusting for variations from the ideal

Sensory mapping techniques to profile and improve cheese quality and consistency, and technical fixes for deviations from ideal profile:

  • aroma/taste/texture biogenesis - identifying aromas, flavours, textures in cheeses and their vocabulary

  • dealing with taste threshold differences among cheesemakers

  • how to use spider graphs and spreadsheets to create a practical tool to show ideal flavour and texture of your cheeses, and how to map and technically fix deviations from the ideal

  • apply techniques to cheeses - participants to bring 1 or 2 cheeses with them, which will form the basis of the practical exercises

We ask each cheesemaker to bring with them 1 or 2 cheeses, which will form the basis of the practical application of the techniques you will learn

Day 2, Thurs 24 October: Rinds, Cultures, Ingredient shelf life, Practical Chemistry, Q&A
  1. Rinds on hard, semihard and washed rind cheeses (including washed soft and lactic cheeses): techniques, cultures and tools to achieve perfect rinds

  2. Cultures: opportunity to understand more about the cultures now available to Australian cheesemakers (including the STANDA range offered through ASCA) and the attributes they can bring to your cheeses

  3. Maximising shelf life of key cheesemaking ingredients: realistic do’s and don’ts for rennets and cultures 

  4. Practical cheese chemistry in action

  5. Open-ended technical Q & A session: bring all your cheesemaking problems and questions, and have Ivan answer them

Day 3, Fri 25 October: Blue cheeses, Butter
  1. Blue cheeses: how to achieve perfect blueing in different types of blue cheeses, and rind techniques for blue cheeses

  2. Buttermaking techniques: all your buttermaking questions answered

There may be some time after the workshop ends for Ivan to address individual cheesemakers' issues (issues might be specific to a style of cheese, specific issues in the cheesemaking process etc).

Other workshop details

  • Ivan teaches the methods and tools used by the great cheesemakers of the world, in a practical way that enables cheesemakers to apply the techniques to their own cheesemaking. They do not require you to buy expensive equipment.
  • Interactive small-scale workshops, including extensive notes and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.
  • Opportunity to bring along cheeses for evaluation by Ivan, both good and bad (don't be shy, we all have them!).
  • Lunch and morning/afternoon tea/coffee included each day.
  • Available exclusively to ASCA Cheesemaker, Start-Up Cheesemaker and Buttermaker members, and the cost is subsidised by ASCA.
Dates and times             
  • Wed 23/Thur 24/Fri 25 October 2019
  • 9.30am to 5pm each day
     Studio Room, Stone & Chalk
     Goods Shed North, 710 Collins St 
     Docklands VIC 3008
Cost (inc GST)                       
  • All 3 days - $900
  • Days 1 & 2 only - $700
  • Day 3 only - $400

    Book here
Access to venue  
    It’s behind Southern Cross Station, so:
  • from the airport, get the SkyBus to Southern Cross Station, then it’s a 5-minute walk to 710 Collins St; 
  • if driving, there is secure parking next door at 700 Collins St ($20 all-day flat rate if you book online and arrive before 9.30am; entry via Aurora Lane, off Bourke St);
  • or a cheaper option may be to park at/near a suburban or regional railway station and get the train to Southern Cross Station.

ASCA gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Karensa Menzies and Stone & Chalk in hosting this workshop.

We look forward to seeing many members at these workshops, which will also serve as important networking and information-sharing sessions for our Cheesemaker, Start-Up Cheesemaker and Buttermaker members.

Cheesemaker responses to Ivan Larcher

By way of background for those who don't know him, Ivan is a world-renowned cheesemaker, educator and consultant. He visits Australia twice a year exclusively for ASCA to work with our cheesemaker members. 

Many of you have participated in Professional Cheesemaking Workshops we have run with Ivan in previous years in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Others would have experienced his one-on-one consultancies or his various Dairy Australia webinars.

The feedback is that Ivan's practical expertise and ability to communicate it to our cheesemakers is outstanding. A typical comment was "I can highly recommend him and really no one in our industry should miss this opportunity.

Ivan's expertise is highly sought-after throughout the world, so it is difficult to get as much of his time as we would like. But Ivan is committed to continuing to visit Australia twice a year (and hopefully more often in future) to work with our cheesemakers and contribute to our growing artisan cheese industry.

Bookings for the workshop

This workshop is for experienced cheesemakers who are ASCA members. If you are an ASCA cheesemaker or start-up cheesemaker member, BOOK NOW

If you are not an ASCA cheesemaker or start-up cheesemaker member and you want to join us, you can do so HERE
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