Meet Our Members

Academie Opus Caseus Associate - Business

Academie Opus Caseus

Sue Sturman, Director

I am a cheese educator, offering professional development programs to cheese professionals...

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Ashgrove Cheese Cheesemaker

Ashgrove Cheese

Shane Johns, Production Manager

Ashgrove Cheese Company is a Tasmanian family owned and operated business...

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Barbara Meurer Associate - Individual

Barbara Meurer


I work as a consultant and help small companies with grant and start-up funding...

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Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese Cheesemaker

Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese

Barry Charlton, Owner/Cheesemaker

Barry Charlton and his partner, Cheryl Hulls, established Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese in 2007...

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BoatShed Cheese Cheesemaker

BoatShed Cheese

Tamara Newing, Owner

We are a very small, artisan cheese producer on the Mornington Peninsula...

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Cheese Kettle Associate - Business

Cheese Kettle

Lucasz Klekowski, Director

One of my biggest challenges has been to source quality equipment, so I started Cheese Kettle...

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Cheeses Loves You Cheesemaker

Cheeses Loves You

Debra Allard, Owner, Cheesemaker & Educator

Debra is soon to open a new cheese factory with a Jersey herd...

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Cornelius Cheesemongers Associate - Business

Cornelius Cheesemongers

Matthew Steele, Cheesemonger

We are an online cheese store, specialising in providing the finest artisan cheese...

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Drysdale Cheeses Cheesemaker

Drysdale Cheeses

Corinne Blacket, Owner/Operator (aka The Goat Slave)

We have been making goat cheese on the Bellarine Peninsula...

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Fresh Provisions Associate - Business

Fresh Provisions

Tom Katselas, Director & Cheese Geek

Established in 1989 and now with 2 stores in Perth, we cater to the discerning foodie...

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Fromage Artisans Associate - Business

Fromage Artisans

Michael Taylor & Danicia Quinlan, Directors

We aim to connect artisan cheese makers, their distributors and their stories...

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Gippsland Farmgate Associate - Business

Gippsland Farmgate

Sean Dignum, Dairy farmer

I am working towards creating a cheese making facility on my dairy farm at Neerim South...

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Holy Goat Cheese Cheesemaker

Holy Goat Cheese

Carla Meurs, Owner/Farmer/Cheesemaker

We are based in the rolling granite country of Sutton Grange, Victoria...

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Hugh Nicholas Associate - Individual

Hugh Nicholas

Cheesemonger and proprietor at Cheese etc.

I run a small cheese counter inside a bottle shop in North Sydney...

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Innovative Packaging Ltd Associate - Business

Innovative Packaging Ltd

Guy de Lambert, Managing Director

We have been supplying specialty cheese wrapping products since 1996...

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Island Pure Sheep Dairy Cheesemaker

Island Pure Sheep Dairy

Sally George, Cheesemaker / Production Manager

We are on beautiful Kangaroo Island, SA, and have been...

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Lion Dairy & Drinks Cheesemaker

Lion Dairy & Drinks

Alice Crawford, Food Technologist

King Island Dairy was founded in the early 1900’s and produces world class specialty cheeses...

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Main Ridge Dairy Cheesemaker

Main Ridge Dairy

Damien Noxon, Owner/Cheesemaker/Dairy Farmer

We are nestled in the hinterland on the Mornington Peninsula...

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Milawa Cheese Company Cheesemaker

Milawa Cheese Company

Ceridwen Brown, Assistant General Manager

Mum and Dad set up Milawa Cheese Company in 1988...

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Miranda Sharp Associate - Individual

Miranda Sharp

Director, Melbourne Farmers Markets

I am the Director of Melbourne Farmers Markets, which runs eight accredited markets...

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Nimbin Valley Dairy Cheesemaker

Nimbin Valley Dairy

Paul Wilson, Co-owner and Cheesemaker

Nimbin Valley Dairy represents five generations' worth of dairy farming...

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Pecora Dairy Cheesemaker

Pecora Dairy

Michael & Cressida McNamara, Owner/Cheese-makers

Pecora Dairy was established in 2011 by Michael and Cressida McNamara on the verdant...

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Prom Country Cheese Cheesemaker

Prom Country Cheese

Burke Brandon, Owner and Cheesemaker

My wife Bronwyn, two children and I milk sheep on our 190 acre farm on the Foster Creek...

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Pyengana Dairy Company Cheesemaker

Pyengana Dairy Company

Lyndall Healey, Director

Pyengana Dairy Company produces the most famous Cloth Bound Cheddar Cheese in Australia...

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Sapori & Saperi Associate - Business

Sapori & Saperi

Erica Jarman, Director

Offering artisan food courses and tours in Italy, including an artisan cheesemaking course...

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Second Mouse Cheese Co Cheesemaker

Second Mouse Cheese Co

Kai Woltmann, Owner/Operator

We are located in Orange, NSW, and started making cheese in April 2013. Our milk comes from...

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Sonia Cousins Associate - Individual

Sonia Cousins

Cheese Educator at Cheese the Day

I am a cheesemonger, judge and consultant specialising in cheese education...

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The Cheese Project Start-Up Cheesemaker

The Cheese Project

Maureen House, Owner/Cheesemaker

The Cheese Project is based in an urban setting in Canberra and is the only commercial...

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Tolpuddle Goat Cheese Start-Up Cheesemaker

Tolpuddle Goat Cheese

Melissa Jacka, Director and Cheesemaker

We packed up our city life and moved to Tarrawingee...

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Two Providores Associate - Business

Two Providores

Erica Goldfinch, General Manager

Two Providores supplies specialty artisan produce to quality restaurants...

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